Refund Policy:

Due to the laborious nature of your palate review and analysis, we will refund the entire $200 fee, to the original purchaser, if all of the four following conditions are met:

(1)    You actually purchased, tasted and disliked the wine we chose for you, and

(2)    You notify us of your request for a refund within two weeks of receiving our selection, and

(3)    You mail us the actual empty bottle of the wine we chose for you, and

(4)    You understand and accept that we will not go into contract with you again in the future.

With respect to a refund of the $25 per month fee to have two wines per month selected for you, you may cancel at anytime for any reason with no penalty.  You may also rejoin at any time within 2 years (24 months) without paying another $200 palate fee.

Please contact us with any questions: